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Sooth baby with this white noise plush with a fluffy belly! This penguin soft toy is suitable for little ones aged 0 months and up, and is perfect for playing a variety of soothing sounds. You can also record your own personalised message to reassure your little one, at any time of the day. This ultra-soft pink stuffed animal is easy to use: retrieve the box via the slit at the side to then select 4 white noises (heartbeat, rain, wind and under-the-sea sounds) and record a special message, nursery, lullaby etc. Detailed instructions are provided regarding how to use the voice recorder. Thanks to its “crying sound detection” mode, this Kaloo white noise soft toy will become a real asset when it comes to soothing baby back to sleep. This practical plush comes with a USB charging cable and boasts a 23-hour battery life! A timer can also be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on your needs. This adorable pink penguin is bound to become baby’s sleep and play companion. Their pretty face and round belly make them even cuter! This 25 cm-high noise plush toy is made of corduroy and synthetic fur, and can be machine-washed once the sound box has been removed. Recycled polyester stuffing. Moments of separation, such as going to sleep, can be unpleasant and cause anxiety for some babies. In order to better express the special bond that ties baby to their parent(s), this white noise soft toy is decorated with a red heart and a heart-adorned ribbon that can be used to tie the flippers together. An ideal newborn gift: this penguin plush is presented in a pretty customisable box to strengthen your bond. This pink penguin white noise plush is part of our Complice range: a collection of soft toys and comforters that express love and comfort, to illustrate the bond shared between baby and their parents, and help them deal with these very first separations.

Product details

  • Material(s) Synthetic fur, corduroy
  • Colours Pink
  • Size 25 cm (9.9'')
  • Stuffing 100% recycled polyester


  • Machine wash at 30°C after removing the speaker
  • Without softener, stain remover or other additive