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Birth gifts: 5 gift ideas for baby's birth

Kaloo, the benchmark brand for chic and refined birth gifts

We all want to celebrate baby's arrival: a precious moment in life for everyone around the newborn, synonymous with caring and emotion. The birth gift is part of this desire on the part of families to give a loving present that is as tender as it is useful, to welcome baby and help him or her enter the world surrounded by gentleness and affection.

For the birth of a girl or a boy, Kaloo knows how precious first times are, so we offer original gifts for baby's birth. We attach great importance to the choice of materials and the way they are made, to offer you gift ideas for a birth that will leave a lasting impression and please both newborns and their parents.

Nature rabbit rattle - K'Doux by KALOO

1. The cuddly toy, a symbolic birth gift

Presented in its pretty box, the Kaloo cuddly toy reassures, soothes and accompanies baby from the very first moments. The perfect birth gift, they come in a multitude of materials and characters, for a personalised present that reflects baby's personality or parents' tastes: bunny cuddly toys, fox cuddly toys or even teddy bears.

Each collection has its own specific design, with the same attention to touch and finish. Organic soft toys are available in a range of colours and prints: ideal as a baby gift for twins, each baby will have a soft toy that matches his or her brother's or sister's best friend.

For an even more personal birth gift, all our soft toy boxes can be personalised on the inside of the lid. A sweet present to give during pregnancy or at the maternity hospital, and a pretty gift box to keep baby's little things in.

Soft toy rabbit Ochre - Lapinoo by KALOO
"We'd already had one and its longevity had been appreciated! So here we go again!"
Leslie T.
Following a purchase on 09/05/2023.

The cuddly toy is a transitional object available at all times. It is a sensory support that helps baby to maintain the link with his parents or home when he is separated, for example. Throughout their lives, children's use of soft toys evolves in line with their experiences and their growing independence and confidence. In adolescence and even adulthood, it's with a sense of nostalgia and comfort that we take pleasure in rediscovering the cuddly toy we were given at birth.

2. A cuddly toy, a soft gift idea for baby's birth

Here's a new companion ready to look after baby from the moment he's born. Kaloo cuddly toys are great for adding a touch of softness to any nursery decor, or for surrounding your baby with friendly friends.
There's something for everyone: a rabbit plush toy for the naughty ones, a teddy bear that's always ready to cuddle, a fox plush toy for the clever ones... All soft and cuddly,
with refined finishes and details they'll love, Cuddly toys come in a variety of styles and animals for a birth gift for girls, boys or both.
A cuddly toy, a soft gift idea for baby's birth

Well-being cuddly toys

Looking for a useful baby gift? With their 2-in-1 function, these hot water bottle cuddly toys will delight the whole family! Based on the theme of marine animals, these wellbeing cuddly toys contain a removable pouch filled with clay and lavender balls: slip into the freezer to use cold, or heat in the microwave to spread soothing warmth! Ideal for soothing baby's first aches and pains, from birth.

Reassuring and comforting, Kaloo's hot water bottle cuddly toys are safe for children and add a real touch of charm to baby's bedroom with their "wave dance" design and soft touch.

Sound cuddly toys

Always with a dual function, musical or sound cuddly toys are a great gift idea for a new baby. They're essential for stimulating baby with a little song, or for lulling him gently to sleep! Pleasant to the touch, Kaloo's musical plush blends into your little one's world to amuse and soothe him.

Will your baby fall for an elephant or fox musical plush, or a musical cushion? Your child will be able to use it for a long time and on a variety of occasions: for a nap in good company, to play to music, to recite his first nursery rhymes... The sound plush is at the heart of these precious moments and encourages baby's musical awakening.

3. Baby linen: gift ideas to wrap your baby in softness

Giving baby linen as a birth gift means taking part in preparing baby's little cocoon: on the way out, in the bedroom or the bathroom. An extra-soft blanket or pretty bath cape will always be useful, and can be given before the birth or when baby arrives. With its cute bunny ears, it comes in a range of colours and can be worn with baby from birth. Its practicality and cuteness make it a useful and essential birth gift.

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Bath towel Poppy
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Bath towel Dove

At Kaloo, we care about your little one's comfort and well-being. To accompany him gently and safely through his first moments, we've designed his first blankets to wrap him in reassuring tenderness. They can be used to cradle your baby comfortably, or to keep him warm when out and about in his pushchair or cosy. He can even sleep with his pretty blanket when he's older! Extra soft to the touch, with a familiar smell: the Kaloo blanket is a guarantee of comfort and affection, like a gentle embrace.

"Beautiful blanket, all soft: one side fleece and one side slightly "furry" extra soft! Perfect dimensions!"
Leslie T.
Following a purchase on 09/05/2023.
My dove bunny bath cape - K'Doux by KALOO

Give baby a bath cape as a baby gift! A newborn's first bath is an important moment for him and his parents. To dry him off and help him relax, the Kaloo bath cape is super soft and absorbent.

4. A gift box: keeping baby's first memories alive

As soon as baby arrives, we want to preserve all those precious memories so that we can look back on his first times with tenderness and nostalgia as he grows. First fingerprints, first locks of hair, birth announcement, maternity bracelet, first pyjamas... At Kaloo, we know just how valuable baby's first moments are to his parents.

That's why we offer keepsake boxes, print kits and pretty frames to immortalise these tender moments.

The box contains a fabric imaginary book and its matching little sheep cuddly toy: ideal for petting baby while he reads his bedtime story. A large organic cotton nappy is also included, which can be used to swaddle baby and help him fall asleep.

We've designed a box dedicated to baby's sleep, an essential part of a child's routine from birth. The Doux Sommeil range is designed to help families establish their first bedtime rituals, to soothe baby and put him to sleep.

These are original baby gifts that address one of the major concerns of parents!

5. Baby's cocoon: a birth gift to decorate the bedroom

To prepare your little one's world before he or she arrives and to always meet his or her needs, Kaloo offers birth gifts dedicated to baby's bedroom. Soothing or stimulating, noisy or bright: in their neo-classical style, Kaloo decorative items have found their place in children's bedrooms for generations.

Paprika fox rocking plush - KALOO

Give a birth gift to reassure baby by opting for a nightlight to match his bedroom, or choose a rocking cuddly toy that will make baby laugh out loud.

Indispensable, and always to hand when baby is teething, a teething ring is a useful accessory for soothing sore gums. A gift to soothe baby!

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My Activity Gym
€74.99 €41.24

Creating a play area for baby

From birth, it's important for babies to have a space dedicated to play and exploration. Playing in their room allows children to develop their senses, independence and creativity, all of which are essential for their development.

Having a play corner in the room can also be a source of comfort for baby when he's feeling anxious or upset. Finding their favourite toys will help them to calm down and feel safe.

To create a play corner in the nursery dedicated to awakening baby's senses, you can opt for a pretty rattle or a soft early-learning toy: with the Stimuli collection, we're committed to supporting baby's sensory development from the very start.

A play area is obviously designed to keep baby entertained! Baby's attention span is limited, so it's a good idea to offer him a wide variety of activities to keep him busy and engaged.

You can use our plush puppets to mime nursery rhymes, tell stories and more. They're full of surprises for baby!

To increase the number of stimulating supports, installing an activity gantry is always a good idea to help baby develop his visual acuity and motor skills when he can't sit up yet. An evolving activity mat is a useful gift to help baby discover free motor skills, from birth and as he grows.

A key element in a toddler's first rituals, the early-learning book will be the centre of his first stories: a gift idea that will help him develop his vocabulary and imagination from an early age. You can set up a small, cosy area in baby's bedroom dedicated to stories and sharing moments around your little one's favourite books.

A musical mobile is a great accessory for keeping baby entertained in the playpen or cot. The elements come to life before the child's eyes, and a gentle melody lulls him to sleep or accompanies him in his musical awakening.

Kaloo offers a variety of ranges, always with an inimitable touch, to meet the expectations of generations of parents and the needs of babies. Choose from our collections to find the ideal baby gift for a baby-shower or maternity shoot, to make a lasting impression and give pleasure, but above all to accompany the arrival of the newborn into the world. For a pregnancy gift that will delight mums and dads, whether they're expecting a boy or a girl. The arrival of a baby is a celebration of life, of love, of family, of moments of happiness to come. And for every first time, there's Kaloo.

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