A bubble of love...

At Kaloo, we know how precious first times can be for newborns and their parents alike.

Those first smiles or comforts felt from hugging their soft toy.

The first tender sensations that baby can feel when grabbing and cuddling their early-learning friends.

Or those first joyful expressions in response to the stimuli of rustling paper, a melody or distinguished shapes.

Kaloo promises to accompany children from birth by creating a cocoon that reassures, protects, watches over and awakens little ones to this big new world.

A captivating and soothing bubble of love in which soft toys and sensory awakening games find pride of place.

Kaloo has made first times the beating heart of its story, so that parents and children alike can find themselves nestled in a sweet and tender cocoon.

Kaloo is committed

To make baby’s world a better place

Lost Teddy?

Find his Kaloo comforter among our collections

Kaloo, or the passion of the French creation of soft moments around baby.

Kaloo's collections offer comforters and plush toys to reassure and contribute to the well-being of the child. Thanks to a selection of soft and durable materials, and to the careful and hand-made finishing, like the first Tendresse fabric dolls, Kaloo designs focus on quality.

A Kaloo birth gift is above all a proof of love, a mark of attention that embodies the presence and memory of first times.

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