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Organic cotton comforter

Giving your baby an organic cotton comforter means giving them lots of softness while respecting their sensitive skin and their... Read more

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... world. It fits perfectly with the environmental values of families wishing the best of all worlds for their children. Noble and natural materials are selected to make organic cotton comforters , which will become baby's best friends.

Choose an ecological comforter from our range of comforters, rabbit comforters or teddy bear comforters from our selection. With its polyester filling from recycled plastic bottles, the organic cotton comforter is soft and comforting for baby.

The ultimate birth gift, the organic cotton comforter carries values and affection, and will be a sensation in a beautiful customizable gift box. To celebrate the arrival of a baby, girl or boy, the Kaloo cotton comforter is a new friend who is always up for cuddles. Among the animals and colors offered, there is certainly one that will support baby to reassure him, but also follow him in all his adventures.